20km MTB Fun Ride & 10km Trail Run


The Tour de Plett 20km MTB Fun Ride & The Robberg Express 10km Trail Run bundle.

Product Description

The route is the same as the Marathon route till Water Point 1. At WP 1 the Half Marathon keeps going straight where the Marathon turns right into Petrus se Brand. Continue for about 2kms before turning left into the famous Petrus se Brand single track (voted the best stretch of single track in SA by Dr Evil). At the bottom, with your adrenalin surging, you turn right to bring you back up the Fisanthoek climb and back to Water Point 1. Follow the rolling jeep track/district road until the left turn which meanders through the farmlands to the technical Protea Wilds descent!!! At the bottom of this you rejoin the Stofpad and then follow the Marathon route back to Plett.

Trail run:
Start at in the car park area, to the boom and back, will split the leaders from the pack, before following the single path hiking route, on the East of the Peninsula. Boulder hopping, steep scrambles, soft sand and stunning views are what you can expect from this exclusive trail run.